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I advise companies to help them grow. I also write and speak about culture and technology.

My mission is to help people live more holistically fulfilling lives. I blend my lifelong practice of mindfulness with over a decade of experience in practical leadership and operations at companies including Uber, Facebook, and Netflix to help professionals lead with compassion, confidence, and creativity.

My nonprofit work is dedicated to helping children, promoting equality, creating more joy, and protecting the environment. I’m looking forward to connecting with you - just add your e-mail below!

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Living at the intersection of pop culture, technology, and design, I’ve spent the past decade understanding how to launch and create technology-based shifts in how we live…

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Programs & Speaking Engagements

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Advising & Consulting

Work with me to unlock next-level growth opportunities for your business, strategically establish a competitive advantage, and create iconic campaigns.

PMM & Growth Training

Learn the frameworks, concepts, and exact approach to developing a Product Marketing and Product Growth Strategy from companies including Uber and Facebook.

Holistic Career Coaching

Join a program to reset, revive, and reconnect with your purpose, interests, and strengths while healing your mind, body, and soul holistically.


Product In Hollywood

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Design Ethics
Seattle Interactive

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Growth Lessons



Women of Impact
Impact Theory



Unfinished Is The New Finished


Heart-Led Work
Creative Mornings