Fascinated by intersection of human behavior, art, and technology, I blend over a decade of my professional experiences with my lifelong mindfulness practice to help create a culture of compassion. My mission is to help people access their inner power, bring people together in meaningful community gatherings, and inspire the youth to tap into their wisdom.


I studied mass media and economics at UCLA before starting my career at Disney Interactive Studios. I’ve spent the past decades studying user behavior, competitive strategy, product innovation, and interactive design. I’m the author of articles such as Predictions for How Tech Will Impact Your Life, speaker at events and conferences, and advisor for startups. I’ve worked with iconic brands like Rolex, Warner Bros, and Sony, as well as for nonprofits including Invisible Children, Freedom and Fashion, and The Awesome Foundation. After receiving my MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at MIT Sloan, I led initiatives at Google, Uber, Facebook, and Netflix.

As a Kleiner Perkins Product Fellow, I joined Uber to work on the rebrand of UberSelect and the launch of uberPOOL. I led the marketing strategy, first national Capital One partnership campaign, and laid the groundwork for messaging automation. I was recruited to lead the launch of Facebook Live, which was one of Facebook’s largest multi-million dollar campaigns both out in the real world with takeovers at Times Square during New Year’s Eve and in the Facebook app, with ads and promotional units within News Feed. During my time at Facebook, I was also part of the inaugural launch of Facebook Startup Garage, mentoring startups in Paris that were part of the Station F program.

At Netflix, I led Launch Strategy for Unscripted and Scripted, Co-Licensed TV verticals, driving the charter of Product Innovation based on the ever-evolving content landscape. I worked on the launch of Patriot Act by Hasan Minhaj, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and more.

I focus on compassionate and mindful leadership, and help everyone from the youth to professionals to access their inner power. I absolutely believe that the future involves becoming more present with themselves, with each other, and with nature. Whether you need 1:1 help for your career or training for your company, I can help you reach your highest potential. If you’re interested in working together, please reach out.


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