Low-hanging fruit or pie-in-the-sky innovation, I’ve worked with companies from startups to Fortune 500 to drive growth, whether your team needs guidance on product strategy or the company needs a rebrand.

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Having worked on the launch of uberPOOL, Facebook Live, and Facebook Watch, as well as IP from Disney and Netflix, I advise on the best strategic approach to help your business grow. What I produce in presentation or memo form:

  • Competitive Analyses

  • Brand & Marketing Strategy Approach

  • Product Marketing Launch Strategy

  • Organizational Processes

  • Pitch Decks



Maybe you are launching a new feature. Or maybe you have an entirely new business. Whether you’re early stage or a Fortune 500 business, I help analyze the landscape to discover what the biggest opportunity may be based on user segmentation, channel opportunities, and other critical factors.


Good ideas, hunches, and even mountains of data can be useless if they aren’t used in a meaningful way to inform business decisions. Clearly articulating what needs to get done in strategy memos, presentations, and growth plans are where I come in.


With a clear strategy in place, it’s time to bring the team to execution. Even with the most tightly-created strategy, unforeseeable problems may (read: always) arise. Create scaffolding for your business and your team by anticipating what you can, and preparing for whatever may arise.

Here’s an example of a pitch deck that I created:

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